Launching This Blog

It feels really great to have finally launched my blog! I’ve started a few over the years, but didn’t have enough inspiration to keep it going. And, for being more of a mystic than a technician, that side of things has always seemed pretty daunting. Although I have a quick mind and see things whole and instantaneously, it feels like I’m a slow learner. So, I work until I’m stumped, and then, when I come back, I miraculously know how to move ahead. It’s the perseverance that counts and that’s where the strong, visionary inspiration is really needed.

Last night, my first ACIM study group had its last meeting. My friend Jim, who introduced me to Gary Renard (The Disappearance of the Universe), started the group with me, and took me on my first backpacking trip here in Oregon, read the last paragraph of our fourth and final time through the Text together. We’ve built some strong bonds through this practice, over 15 years.

Before we got started reading the rest of Chapter 31, I showed them the blog and talked about my vision for making it; how I got it from the Course and my time in the order. With Neptune in the house of Community opposing my Sun in the house of creativity, I’ve always been driven to share what I’m learning and build community that way. And, Neptune is really devotional, so I needed someone or ideal to devote myself to. In the order, it was Jesus, through my Teacher. Now, it is you, my brothers and sisters, as manifestations of the Son of God.

And, Chapter 31 The Final Vision is all about that. Here’s just one paragraph from Section VII. The Savior’s Vision: “13. The savior’s vision is as innocent of what your brother is as it is free of any judgment made upon yourself. It sees no past in anyone at all. And thus it serves a wholly open mind, uncluded by old concepts, and prepared to look on only what the present holds. It cannot judge because it does not know. And recognizing this, it merely asks, ‘What is the meaning of what I behold?’ Then the answer is given. And the door held open for the face of Christ to shine upon the one who asks, in innocence, to see beyond the veil of old ideas and ancient concepts held so long and dear against the vision of the Christ in you.”

We were all amazed at the synchronicity between my vision for this blog and The Savior’s Vision. The Course teaches that “I am healed as I let Him teach me to heal.” Or, I am forgiven as I forgive my brother. Because all the apparent differences between us are illusory, superficial and untrue. Separate or together, we are God’s One Son.

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