The Healing Power of Playfulness

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I got up at 3:50 AM on purpose this morning to watch a live podcast, hosted by Wanako Oberhuber of The Holy Spirit’s Curriculum of Joy. He was interviewing Vicki Thomas Poppe, whose husband Ted Poppe, Jr. recently went through transition. That lasted an hour and a half, and then I watched the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin, Ireland.

It was a very unusual morning for me. I’m in the habit of transferring directly from the bed to my meditation chair, and after half an hour or so, giving myself an Ayurvedic oil massage, followed by an hour of somatic movement exercises while the oil soaks in, and then a shower and breakfast. And I don’t usually get up that early. So, today was really different!

I think breaking my routine every now and then is really good for me. It made me more present to what was happening right here and now. With a Virgo Moon, I’m a pattern-maker. But my Moon is square Uranus, the change-agent, and opposite my Mars in Pisces, the empath. And, of course, Vicki is a great speaker and knows A Course in Miracles very well. She’s been involved in a lot of its history. So, while she was speaking, I looked up some of the events she referred to.

Gary Renard and Dr. Ken Wapnick were involved and had things to say about those events, too. There was conflict and sides were taken and noted. Another of my main patterns is my Sun in Aries opposite my Neptune in Libra and square Saturn in Cancer. As they were my teachers of the Course, I’d taken their sides and still do. But, Ted was on the other side. He may have had a personality disorder during that time but, after his second awakening and getting back with Vicki, he made amends to 20,000 people and was a really amicable guy.

So, Vicki’s and Wanako’s conversation transformed into a discussion of playfulness, after she got him to talk about his Master’s thesis in Cultural Anthropology, in which he documented kite-flying and volleyball behaviors as a participant-observer on an Austrian island set aside for playfulness. Vicki noted the ever-present element of playfulness in her husband’s oppositional-defiant behavior, which seems to be a quality of the T-square that I have recognized as a participant-observer in my own life.

Although this behavior is often calculated to upset the symbols of the status quo, it often has the element of fun in it. The Yippies were an excellent example of this exposing the emperor has no clothes phenomenon among the governing elites. As we have seen, they usually fail to see the humor in the situation and often strike out blindly, like Nixon with his War on Drugs or Obama et al v. Julian Assange, etc.

My takeaway is that, whenever there is conflict in the world, the ego is involved–on both sides. To the ego, mistakes are really serious. They’re called sins, which trigger guilt, fear, and punishment. So, the ego leaves a blatantly obvious trail of tears in its wake. But, our split mind has another half, which is the Holy Spirit–the Memory of God. He sees right through the illusion and knows that errors are not real. His response: “Silly dream (gentle laughter),” which is our cue to forgiveness. And, the result is peace.

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