Polishing the Stone

Yesterday I taught a drawing class by drawing a familiar object under dramatic lighting to reveal the curves and ins and outs, and talking about what I was doing and why. My morning meditation was filled with this kind of seeing, to which the name came for this post. I thought of counseling and giving astrology readings, and they follow the same process.

It’s an uncovering process, searching for the gold. My Virgo Moon is adept at gathering and organizing the details, and right now its resonant planet Mercury is transiting Virgo, highlighting these keen abilities. And, my Sagittarius Rising is always searching for meaning; always on the quest.

In Chapter 14 of the Text of A Course in Miracles, which our group ACIMSEPDX is studying now, the same simplifying and revealing process is being discussed. It is uncanny how all of these synchronicities are manifesting at once. The process is unfolding as it should. Now would be a good time to ask for a reading because it is happening all the time.

This photograph is of a landscape rock I saw in the parking lot at Paradise a couple of days ago, as we were preparing to leave Mt. Rainier and come back home.

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