Stand In the Light of Christ

I was interviewed this week by Wanako Oberhuber of The Holy Spirit’s Curriculum of Joy Podcast. As Wanako describes it, “We hear how Michael started his awakening and the journey through the priesthood to A Course In Miracles. There are so many take aways you will enjoy applying to your own lives.”

I talked about the things I learned from experience in an amazing non-denominational, non-sectarian, religious order that ordained both men and women to the priesthood and allowed priests and brothers and sisters to marry and raise families, and performed many miracles on a daily basis.

I also spoke about the pain of separation I felt when the order gradually disintegrated into religious orthodoxy, and the challenge of reentering the world and dropping that religious identity to pursue a worldly vocation. I talked about my search for spiritual connection and the places I found it: Western Sufism, Tibetan Buddhism, Sanatana Dharma and, finally, A Course in Miracles.

I shared my healing from a painful divorce, my self-therapy, and my second awakening to the Self Within; and, healing the aging body from Scoliosis, the effect of childhood polio. I describe the Power of the Word, Devotion, and the importance of showing up in your life. The video is right here, and the podcast is here. I hope you enjoy it and find some inspiration thereby.

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